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Molecular tumor analyses have contributed significantly to a better understanding of tumor diseases. However, as they are often very complex and medical progress with drug approvals is developing rapidly, searching for therapies is very time-consuming. CancerAdvice® provides detailed information on targeted therapy recommendations for your patients, including in-label use, off-label use, and information on clinical trials. With this, we want to support you in the best possible way to suggest targeted therapies for the further treatment of your patients.

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Service Details

Our detailed tumor therapy recommendation includes:

  • summary of all relevant tumor profiling findings
  • evaluation of tumor therapy recommendations based on the results of CeGaT’s somatic tumor diagnostics, immunohistochemistry results, and the provided therapeutic history of the patient
  • recommendation of a treatment strategy for the patient’s cancer
  • statement on scientific findings supporting the treatment recommendation as the basis for applying coverage by insurance of the patient

Sample Case

Treatment recommendation for a patient with Astrocytoma, WHO-Grade II, who underwent several cycles of temozolomide and/or radiotherapy. Besides the therapeutic history (page 1), the recommendation report lists the molecular tumor profile based on CeGaT findings and other important biomarkers (page 2), followed by recommended therapies (pages 3-4) and literature evidence (pages 5-8). The literature evidence summarizes key facts from the corresponding clinical trial/case report, including detailed information about the setting and outcome.

Sample Report

Order Details

To provide you with the best recommendations for possible targeted therapies, we require complete clinical reports on the current status of the patient’s disease. Therefore, we ask that you provide us with all relevant diagnostic findings, medication history, and disease progression. Also important are:

  • indication with initial date of diagnosis and metastatic sides
  • histology results
  • current ECOG status
  • information on relevant secondary diagnoses that might affect clinical trial participation
  • current patient condition, e.g., clinical suspected progress, imaging progress, increase in tumor markers
  • planned clinical procedures, e.g., radiotherapy or surgery

You can order our CancerAdvice® report either simultaneously or after CancerPrecision®, CancerNeo®, CancerEssential® or CancerDetect®.

CancerPrecision® is the optimal choice for comprehensive molecular genetic tumor profiling using NGS. You receive all the information you need for your patient’s most effective individual treatment options. With CancerAdvice®, we give you precise treatment recommendations based on the results of CancerPrecision® and all other information.

Diagnostic Process

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Therapeutic History & Medical Reports

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Research on Possible Therapies

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Recommendation Report

This Is What Makes Our CancerAdvice® Service Special

Our therapy recommendation considers everything relevant to the patient’s therapy at the given time. It includes in-label and off-label treatments as well as information on clinical trials. The tumor profile of our comprehensive NGS-based diagnostics (germline and tumor) and pathological reports, such as relevant immunohistochemical results, are taken into account. Based on this information, we evaluate each case individually and list the most promising targeted therapies based on the latest literature. For the off-label therapies indicated, we provide clinical evidence in tabular form with detailed information on study data, study conditions, biomarkers, drugs, drug dosage, and outcomes. The list of ongoing clinical trials matching targeted drug or genetic tumor alterations will be limited to five countries.

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