Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling provides information for decisions on genetic testing

With genetic counseling, we help to answer questions related to a possible hereditary disease or developmental disorder. Online or in person at our premises. To what extent genetic counseling and diagnostics may be helpful depends on the disease and the patient’s personal, specific questions. These two factors determine the content of genetic counseling and the type of genetic testing. Further questions that arise during the counseling will also be discussed. Genetic diagnostics and genetic testing will not be performed without your consent.

Our genetic counseling services focuses mainly on:

  • pediatric genetics (childhood genetic disorders and syndromes)
  • oncogenetics (cancer genetics)
  • reproductive genetics
  • neurogenetics

Of course, we are also happy to answer any other genetic questions you may have.

What We Offer with the Genetic Counseling

Personal Counseling

By a medical specialist in human genetics


Medical and family history with pedigree over three generations

Accredited Procedure

Our laboratory is DAkkS and CAP/CLIA accredited

Comprehensive Medical Report

Easy to understand sample report

Our Promise to You


We take time for you and answer your questions


Highest confidentiality and quality standards


Reliable support throughout all steps


Clearly prepared medical report

General Information

Human genetic counseling is a detailed discussion in which questions about hereditary diseases are answered, and information is provided. Those seeking advice may be affected patients, relatives who fear that they themselves may be carriers of the disease, or (expectant) parents who would like information about the risks of inheritance. The consulting physician is a specialist in human genetics and focuses on hereditary diseases, modes of inheritance, and scientific approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

Together with you, we would like to find out within the framework of genetic counseling whether further genetic testing makes sense in your individual case. We will help you weigh possible risks and include therapy options in your considerations. Based on the data of your family tree and the collected findings, we can also calculate the recurrence risk for a certain disease pattern.

In addition to genetic counseling at our premises, we offer online genetic counseling. The service of online genetic counseling includes a video session with a specialist in human genetics and, if necessary, another video session after the entire diagnostic procedure. In addition, you will receive a detailed report of human genetic counseling and evaluation, summarizing the most important information about genetic counseling and diagnostics, including laboratory findings.

Our Service Includes:

  • clarification of your reasons and objectives for genetic consultation
  • a structured medical and family anamnesis with a pedigree spanning three generations
  • assessment and evaluation of all available medical findings and results
  • detailed discussion of the disease as well as the likelihood of recurrence in family members

If Desired Additionally:

  • arrangement of a genetic examination
  • discussion of findings
  • human genetic statement (”consultation letter“)

Previous medical findings, previous clinical symptoms, and family anamnesis are prerequisites for genetic counseling.

Procedure of the Genetic Counseling

Ablauf der Genetischen Beratung

Please always use our FTAPI platform to transfer your data securely. FTAPI is a german software provider that ensures simple and secure data exchange. Thanks to FTAPI, SecuPass technology with automatic key exchange is also easily end-to-end encrypted.

Step 1:

  • register for genetic counseling
  • fill out the questionnaire and save it
  • generate an FTAPI sublink
  • upload all relevant documents (questionnaire, images, medical reports, etc.)
  • click the “Send” button

Step 2:

After evaluation of the submitted documents, you will receive an offer. We will then contact you to schedule a counseling at our premises or for an online counseling. Duration of the first session: approx. 1.5 hours.

Step 3:

If you are interested in genetic testing after the initial counseling, your health care provider can collect the necessary sample and send it to CeGaT.

Our Counseling Flow

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Medical genetic counseling

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Commissioning and sample shipment

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Sample analysis

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Medical report and counseling

Main Fields in Which Genetic Counseling is Offered


Questionnaire counseling PG

Download Questionnaire for pediatric genetics

Questionnaire genetic counseling oncology

Download Questionnaire on oncogenetics

Questionnaire counseling reproductive genetics

Download Questionnaire on reproductive genetics

Questionnaire genetic counseling neurogenetics

Download Questionnaire on neurogenetics

Questionnaire genetic counseling neurogenetics

Download Questionnaire on any other genetic issue

Informed consent genetic counseling

Download Consent form genetic counseling

Declaration of consent Consultation PG

Download Consent form genetic counseling (pediatric genetics)

Consent form laboratory examination

Download Consent form laboratory examination

Consent form laboratory examination PG

Download Consent form laboratory examination (pediatric genetics)

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