Identifying genetic risk factors early

CeGaTs genetisches Vorsorgepanel ist die optimale personalisierte Gesundheitsvorsorge zur frühzeitigen Erkennung genetischer Erkrankungen.

Disease Prevention Panel

Genetic risk analysis for individual prevention

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Why Does Genetic Prevention Make Sense?

Every person is unique and differs genetically from others. This is reflected in their appearance, special talents, and personality, as well as in their genetic predisposition to various diseases, such as tumors or cardiovascular diseases. If you know your genetic risk factors, you are prepared and can shape your life accordingly. In many cases, preventive measures can actively contribute to delaying the onset of a disease, preventing it altogether, mitigating its course, or detecting the disease at an early stage.

Genetic risk factors play an important role in many common diseases in our society. However, environmental factors such as lifestyle, diet, and exercise can also influence whether a genetic disease breaks out or the person affected remains healthy.

In preventive genetic diagnostics, we examine genes for genetic variants that can contribute to causing a disease. We explain these variants in a detailed, scientifically based report and recommend how to proceed.

The results of a preventive genetic test serve as a guide for living a health-conscious life. They enable recommendations for prevention, such as participation in early detection programs, lifestyle adjustments, or medication, e.g., to prevent thrombosis on long-distance flights. Early detection of genetic risk factors is, therefore, important for health promotion.

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