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We are a world leader in genetic analyses for a wide range of medical, research and pharmaceutical applications. Since 2009, we have been helping doctors and patients find the genetic causes of rare diseases. We provide researchers and pharmaceutical companies with genetic analysis for clinical trials and medical innovation. We help oncologists and cancer patients find the best therapy option. We continue to drive science forward with our own insights.

CeGaT is a privately held company operating its own laboratory. Approx. 200 people are employed at CeGaT. We decode (sequence) DNA using our own pipeline and state-of-the-art technologies. The genetic data obtained are being used for medical or scientific purposes. This is why we are active in two fields:

For genetic diagnostics, we examine a patient’s DNA for deviations from the norm: We compare the genes of a patient to the genes from healthy people. An “error” in a patient’s gene can cause a disease. Such diseases are called genetic diseases, as they are caused by an “incorrect” gene. Genetic diseases range from, for example, blindness, epilepsy, and heart diseases to diabetes. It can be rather common diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, or very rare diseases. Likewise, tumors are also genetic diseases.

For genetic diagnostics, a blood (or tumor) sample from the patient is taken. From this sample, the following steps are performed at CeGaT: Lab work to sequence all genes needed, data analysis, and writing of a medical report. All our findings are summarized in a medical report. This medical report is sent to the physician treating the patient. The medical report confirms or excludes a suspected diagnosis. It can be used for a prognosis of the patient’s disease, to select the most promising drugs, to avoid ineffective drugs, and to consult the family. It goes without saying that a genetic diagnosis is only performed after the patient has given written consent.

Sequencing of DNA and obtaining genetic information is also playing an increasingly important role in science, biotech, and pharma industry. Our Research and Pharma Solutions business unit provides a wide range of DNA sequencing services. For example, we support researchers with their studies. This study can be but does not need to be on human DNA. It could also be a research project on, say, breeding bulls or a distribution of microbes in the soil. Biotech and pharma companies are often interested in our support for their medical studies. If a drug is being tested in a clinical trial, it is important to know the genetic profile of the single probands. Such a genetic profile might be the reason why a drug is effective in one patient and not effective in another patient.

Our Research and Pharma Solutions unit usually receives a high number of blood (or other tissue) samples. From these samples, the following steps are performed at CeGaT: lab work to sequence the DNA, data analysis, and writing of a project report.

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