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General Information about Our Translational Oncology Services

Translational oncology provides an interface between scientific research and its practical applications in the clinical setting. The findings from scientific research help to accelerate and improve the possibilities of diagnoses and therapies for patients. Every tumor is different, as is every patient. Therefore, treatments need to be individualized and adapted to the tumor to achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome for the patient. In translational oncology, science and medicine work closely together.

To foster this collaboration, we offer various products for scientific investigations. Comprehensive genomic profiling is the first step in determining and accurately diagnosing the tumor. The additional detection of biomarkers and the identification of tumor-specific mutations can positively influence the choice of therapy and, consequently, the prognosis.

These biomarkers can also be important for including patients in clinical trials. Besides determining these biomarkers directly from tumor tissue, we also offer liquid biopsy analyses. When using liquid biopsy analyses, tumor cells circulating in the blood are analyzed. This procedure is beneficial, when no tumor tissue is available. Additionally, it is particularly suitable for monitoring the progression of tumor diseases and their response to therapy as it only requires a simple blood sample.

To ensure the cooperation between science and medicine, we offer bioinformatic analyses in addition to sequencing your samples. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of possible analyses. We look forward to supporting you in translational oncology and the fight against cancer.

Our Accreditations

Binding standards guarantee the quality of our work: our laboratory services are accredited according to CAP/CLIA and DIN EN ISO 17025. You can find further accreditations and certifications here.

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