Our Values

Our values, which determine our daily actions

Our mission statement serves as a guideline for our actions. It influences the way we work, the way we serve our customers and the way we treat each other at CeGaT.

A Highly Qualified and Interdisciplinary Team

CeGaT’s team consists of highly qualified individuals. Interdisciplinarity is our strength. Our expertise and different skills ensure that the optimal solution for your specific needs is identified. And what we all share is a fascination for genetics. We are intrinsically motivated! We are committed to translate the latest research into real-life and practical applications for research and medicine. We are professional, enthusiastic, and remain curious.

Highest Quality Only

Genetic analyses create the base for further, far-reaching decisions. That is why we only deliver results of the highest quality. As we do not want to hand over the responsibility for fulfilling our high requirements, we carry out every step of the process in-house — from sample receipt to the preparation of the final report. Our goal is to provide the most detailed findings for your patients and the highest quality data for your research. We apply the four-eyes principle, and binding standards guarantee the quality of our work: we are accredited according to CAP, CLIA, DIN EN ISO 15189 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


The rapid advancement of technology is constantly increasing the potential of genetic analyses. Therefore, CeGaT not only invests continuously in highly qualified employees but also in the latest equipment. We improve sequencing quality and data analysis by using the most advanced technologies and pipelines available. With six in-house NovaSeq™ 6000, one NovaSeq™ X Plus, and one PacBio Sequel IIe system, we sequence large quantities of genetic material within a very short time. We pursue the automation of processes to ensure consistent high quality, and both time and cost savings. But even if we aim to automate many processes, we consider human expertise to be indispensable for the evaluation of the results.


We aim to be a reliable and therefore long-term partner that can be trusted 100%. In this context, the security and confidentiality of data has the highest priority. Promises made by us will be kept. If there are unexpected deviations, we inform you, our partners and customers, immediately so that we can work together with you to find a solution. To live up to our claim, your feedback is always welcome and taken very seriously.


As genetics experts, we know how essential our work is. That is why we attach the utmost importance to transparent working methods, honest communication, and discretion concerning your data. Throughout the entire process, each customer is advised by an expert from science or medicine. The regular exchange allows us to individually tailor the procedure and adapt it to new circumstances if necessary. As your long-term, dependable partner, we are self-critical and constantly strive to improve quality and speed.