Insights into the proactive actors of the immune system

Our Immunology Services

Serviceimage HLA Typing

HLA Typing

Identify individual HLA alleles with next-generation sequencing

Serviceimage T-Cell Receptor Sequencing

T-Cell Receptor Sequencing

Investigate the diversity, clonality, and changes in the T-cell receptor repertoire or single clones

Single-Cell Immune Profiling

Single-Cell Immune Profiling

Explore the immune system at single-cell resolution

General Information about Our Immunology Services

The human immune system is a complex, vital network. It protects our body not only from harmful substances, but also from pathogens, pathological and degenerative cell changes, such as cancer cells. The immune system includes various organs, cell types, and molecules. A functioning immune system is essential for our health – and immune system dysfunctions can lead to diseases.

The products in our product portfolio can deepen the understanding of the immune system and its proactive actors during its fight against diseases. Using next-generation sequencing, we can sequence immune cells to gain valuable insights into an individual’s immune system. For example, an essential component of the human immune system is the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system. The HLA system comprises a group of genes that encode molecules on the surface of leukocytes. Numerous diseases are associated with specific

antigens. Thus, HLA typing can, for example, provide important indications for therapeutic responses of immunotherapies against cancer. T-cell receptors (TCRs) and B-cell receptors (BCRs) also play a fundamental role in the fight against diseases, and the success of personalized medicine. The diversity of the TCR and BCR repertoire necessary for antigen recognition can be easily and rapidly determined using next-generation sequencing.

Are you planning a clinical trial or a research project in the field of immunology and still looking for a reliable partner with years of expertise? We would be happy to help you choose the right product for your project and the corresponding bioinformatic analysis. We look forward to supporting you in your research project.

Our Accreditations

Binding standards guarantee the quality of our work: our laboratory services are accredited according to CAP/CLIA and DIN EN ISO 17025. You can find further accreditations and certifications here.

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