Genetic Diagnostics / Prenatal Diagnostics

Prenatal Diagnostics

Understanding genetic conditions – prior to birth

Our Service Portfolio

Prenatal Array CGH

Analysis of large deletions and duplications across the whole genome

Prenatal Single Gene and Segregation Analysis

For clarification of familial hereditary diseases or in case of suspicious ultrasound examination

Harmony® Test

Non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT) to detect chromosomal abnormalities


Non-invasive prenatal test for the determination of the fetal Rh factor

What is Prenatal Diagnostics?

Prenatal diagnostics cover examinations performed on the unborn child or the expectant mother as part of pregnancy support. Prenatal examinations can be performed either invasively or non-invasively. The non-invasive prenatal tests do not interfere with the body of the pregnant woman or the unborn child. Therefore, an intervention-related risk of miscarriage can be ruled out with these examinations. Non-invasive tests include routine ultrasound examinations, as well as prenatal diagnostics from maternal blood (NIPT). If abnormalities are detected by ultrasound or NIPT, invasive prenatal diagnostics can be performed.

For invasive prenatal diagnostics, a small sample of amniotic fluid or placenta is taken by means of puncture and examined by molecular genetics.

We offer all relevant prenatal genetic tests. Depending on the question, we use the most modern sequencing technologies, as well as microarrays or MLPA examinations.

Our Accreditations

Binding standards guarantee the quality of our work: Our laboratory services are accredited according to CAP/CLIA and DIN EN ISO 15189. You can find further accreditations and certifications here.

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