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 Im Gegensatz zur Standard Exom-Sequenzierung (WES) berücksichtigen CeGaTs Exom-Services nicht nur die proteinkodierenden Regionen, sondern alle bekannten krankheitsverursachenden Regionen im gesamten Genom.

Exome Diagnostics

Finding the genetic cause of rare diseases

Panel Diagnostics

Parallel analysis of all genes considered for differential diagnosis of a disease

Array CGH

For a genome-wide deletion and duplication analysis

Single Gene and Segregation Analysis

Single gene analysis, deletion/duplication, or fragment length analysis

What is Genetic Diagnostics?

Molecular genetics is an interdisciplinary field combining both natural sciences and medicine, and requires expertise in biochemistry, biology and bioinformatics. Recent developments in our understanding of the human genome have made it possible to detect disease – causing changes to DNA, which facilitates accurate medical diagnosis.

Using molecular genetic diagnostics, we support the referring physicaian in making a diagnosis, and in many cases, can also make recommendations for treatments and therapies. We can also provide accurate information on disease progression and prognosis. Family members may also recieve a risk assessment on the basis of heredity.

Our Accreditations

Binding standards guarantee the quality of our work: Our laboratory services are accredited according to CAP/CLIA and DIN EN ISO 15189. You can find further accreditations and certifications here.

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