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With the myCeGaT Portal, you can digitally order genetic diagnostics in just a few steps. Benefit from the clear presentation of all submitted orders, share results easily and uncomplicated with medical colleagues, track the status of your orders, and download medical reports immediately after completion. All data is processed and stored on our in-house server. This ensures the highest level of security for your patients’ sensitive data.

What We Offer with the myCeGaT Portal

Ordering Process

Order your genetic diagnostics digitally within a few clicks


Your orders are listed in an overview table for easy access


Share your patient’s medical files and diagnostic report with your colleagues

Order Status

Enable email notifications and always be informed about status changes for your orders

Ordering Genetic Diagnostics via Our myCeGaT Portal

Before Ordering:

Sign Up or Login

Gründung der CeGaT GmbH

To access the portal, please visit
You require an account for using the portal. If you are not registered yet click on the “Sign Up” button and fill in your data. You will need a functioning email address and access to this email for logging in.

Before Ordering:

Complete Personal Data

This step is only required once.

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Please complete your personal data under “My Profile” via the “Edit“ button. During each order process you can then simply select your predefined personal data.

Please note: You can also add additional email addresses to your account using the “Account” section in “My Profile.”

Before Ordering:

Define Notification Preferences

This step is only required once.

Gründung der CeGaT GmbH

You can define which email notifications you want to receive for all orders (by default). For this, go to the “Notifications“ section in “My Profile.“

Please note: After ordering, you can adjust the email notifications for each order individually.

Step 1

Start a New Order

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To start a new order, please click the “New Order” button on the upper right side in the portal.

Step 2

Select Diagnostic Test

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Select the appropriate test from the test menu and start the ordering process by clicking on the arrow symbol next to the test you wish to order.

Step 3

Complete the Order Form

Please be as detailed as possible. You can upload medical reports, pictures, and supporting documents within several steps during the order process. The draft is automatically saved, and you can complete it at a later stage. Please download and print the consent form! This document needs to be added to the sample shipment.

At the end of the ordering process click “Submit Order.” Please note: After submitting your order, you will not be able to edit the order any longer.

Step 4

Complete the Order

After submitting the order, you will receive information on your next steps. Here you can download the patient consent once more.

myCeGaT Portal Ordering Step 4: Option to share the order

In case you have colleagues that should be informed about the analysis, you can add these colleagues here. The invited colleague will have access to the documents you submitted (order summary and additional uploaded files) and, once available, to the medical report.

Step 5


Gründung der CeGaT GmbH

Please send the samples, together with the consent form, to:

CeGaT GmbH
Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 23
D-72076 Tübingen

If you need sample collection boxes to ship your samples safely, you can order them here.
For urgent cases: Send an email to mentioning the myCeGaT Order ID and the tracking number.

Step 6

Track Your Order

Gründung der CeGaT GmbH

After submitting your order, you can track the progress within the portal. After you finalized the order in the portal the first status is “Order submitted.” As soon as we receive the samples and process the order the status will change into “Analysis in progress.”

You can adjust the email notifications for each order by clicking on the blue dots and choose “Order notifications.”

Step 7

Download the Report

Gründung der CeGaT GmbH

When the medical report becomes available the status of the order will change to “Report available” and a download icon is shown. Here you can download the medical report(s) for your order.

We keep the reports for a long period of time. You can easily find your orders by using the search bar.



Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers about the myCeGaT Portal

You will only need to print and sign your patient’s Declaration of Consent and add it to your sample shipment to us. You can download the Declaration of Consent during the ordering process. Please do not send any documents you have already uploaded to the portal. You can find our sample requirements, shipping address, and all further logistics information here.

You can always see the current status of your analysis in the overview table in the “Status” column. For some statuses, you can find more detailed information in the Tool Tips by hovering over the “(i)” icon next to the status name.

You can set your default notification preferences in your account profile (top right) in the “Notification” tab, which will then be pre-selected for each order. You can always adjust your notifications for each individual order at two points: First, at the end of each new ordering process and second, in the overview table via the “…” icon and “Order notifications” selection of submitted orders.

You can always adjust your sharing preferences for each individual order at two points: First, at the end of each ordering process, and second, in the overview table via the “…” icon and “Share order” selection of submitted orders. Please note that sharing an order allows your colleague to access all uploaded files, the order summary, and – as soon as available – CeGaT’s diagnostic report. Important: By forwarding a sharing invitation to a colleague, you confirm that you have the required consent from the patient to share the order and its results.

You must first register in the portal to have access to the order shared with you. To register, please follow the instructions in the email you received. After Login, you can find the order shared with you in your “Shared Orders” table. You can switch between “My Orders” and “Shared Orders” using the radio buttons on the top left. You can view and access the medical reports and order summary of the order via the “eye” icon and the CeGaT diagnostic report via the download button once it is available.

Orders shared with you are listed in a separate overview table from your own orders. You can switch between “My Orders” and “Shared Orders” using the radio buttons on the top left.

Please check your order’s current status in the overview table. A “Draft” you can edit or delete yourself; no need to notify us. Once your order is submitted or already in progress (i. e. any status other than “Draft”), you cannot change your order via the portal anymore. For any changes you would like to make to your order, please contact us at for germline diagnostics or at for tumor diagnostics naming your patient’s Order ID and the changes we should make. We will then get in touch with you.

If you have any questions about how to use the portal, how to place an order, or where to find a function or setting, please feel free to reach out to us at We are happy to assist you.

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