Our Partners

Together with our partners, we achieve great things

We are pleased to introduce our various partners in the field of genetic diagnostics on this web page. Our goal is to maximize the benefits for our customers through close collaboration. Through our partnerships, we have established a broad network of experts in genetics and sequencing and are proud to shape the future together. Learn more about our partners and how we provide the best possible service to our customers.

Zentrum  für Humangenetik

The Zentrum für Humangenetik Tübingen (Center for Human Genetics Tübingen) is a renowned institution that has specialized in the genetic diagnostics of rare and tumor diseases. The Zentrum has state-of-the-art technologies at its disposal to decipher the genetic profile of patients and thus enable diagnosis and treatment. In addition to genetic counseling and diagnostics, the Zentrum für Humangenetik Tübingen is also engaged in research. The interdisciplinary team is continuously working to better understand the genetic causes and mechanisms of diseases and thus improve medical care. Great importance is attached to individual and patient-oriented counseling and care. The team members stand by the patients and their families and support them in understanding complex genetic information.

Zentrum für ambulante Onkologie

The Medizinische Versorgungszentrum für ambulante Onkologie (Medical Care Center for Outpatient Oncology, MVZ) is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare of cancer diseases. The MVZ aims to offer patients with cancer comprehensive care at every stage of their disease, tailored to their individual needs. To this end, the MVZ offers all relevant examinations, from screening to monitoring and long-term care. Treatment focuses on personalized and precision medicine. This means that therapy plans are individually tailored to the tumor’s genetic characteristics and the patient’s needs. This approach can minimize side effects and increase the chances of successful treatment. To this end, the latest scientific findings are always taken into account.

Cenata GmbH

Cenata GmbH was founded jointly by Labor Enders, CeGaT GmbH and Prof. Dr. Hinrichsen in May 2015. Since then the non-invasive prenatal test HarmonyTM is being performed in Germany by Cenata GmbH. The HarmonyTM test reliably detects the most common chromosomal disorders in unborn children.

Maternal blood already contains not only genetic information of the mother but also genetic information of the child from an early phase of pregnancy. This so-called “cell-free fetal DNA” (cffDNA) can be investigated for the presence of chromosomal disorders in the unborn child (e.g. trisomy 21 – “Down syndrome”) using the HarmonyTM test. All that is needed is a blood sample from the mother.

Generatio GmbH

generatio GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics provides the most advanced animal genetic analyses. generatio is a partner of major breeding clubs and is responsible for identity and pedigree assessments for the issuance of pedigrees. The portfolio includes DNA testing for animal breeding and health, including parentage, trait and disease analyses. generatio holds the Europe-wide license for EquiSeq’s 6-variant test for MIM (muscle integrity myopathy) (“PSSM2”).