CeGaT’s Tumor Diagnostics wins the Industry Award 2015

April 20, 2015

CeGaT’s innovative approach to Tumor Diagnostics has been recognized with the Industry Award 2015 for the Biotechnology category.

Winners were chosen for each of 14 categories, and CeGaT’s somatic Tumor Panel won the Biotechnology category, garnering a trophy and certificate. The independent jury of the Industry Award 2015 consisted of experts including professors, scientists, industry representatives and journalists. Products and solutions were evaluated on specific criteria, such as the level of innovation (novelty, product maturity, and future orientation), benefits (recognizable benefit, impact on profitability, improved efficiency) and suitability for a mid-sized company (relevance, practicality, implementation). “Receiving the Industry Award 2015 for the establishment of our Tumor Diagnostics for patient care confirms our work and shows us that we are on the right track,” said managing director Dr. Saskia Biskup, very happy with the honor.

CeGaT’s somatic Tumor Panel generates a comprehensive genetic fingerprint of a tumor. Sequence data from a patient’s tumor is compared to sequence data from the patient’s own normal tissue, which is an essential step towards personalized medicine. In approximately 80% of cases, sequence changes detected between the tumor and normal tissue have treatment-related consequences, which provides the attending oncologist with essential information in developing an optimal therapy for the patient.