CeGaT is the European Sequencing Partner for Owkin’s MOSAIC Project

July 20, 2023

CeGaT is the European sequencing partner for Owkin’s MOSAIC project. MOSAIC is an ambitious endeavor to create the largest spatial multiomics dataset in oncology, with data from thousands of patients across seven different types of cancer. This platform will provide detailed mapping of cancer cells and their microenvironment at high resolution, enabling artificial intelligence to uncover new potential for personalized treatments.

CeGaT plays an important role in this project: As the primary European next-generation sequencing (NGS) service provider, we generate the sequencing data for multiple modalities, including whole exome sequencing, RNA-seq, spatial transcriptomics, and spatial proteomics. In addition, we provide the primary bioinformatic analysis, such as alignment to reference genomes, variant calling and annotation, and sequencing QC. Thanks to our expertise with new cutting-edge data modalities, we have successfully set up an automated workflow dedicated to the generation/analysis of spatial omics data. As a partner, we bring our knowledge, flexibility, and expertise in sequencing services and bioinformatic analyses to the project.

Patrick Walter, Ph.D., Sales Manager at CeGaT, explains further: “Our experience as one of the leading NGS providers for both R&D and molecular diagnostics allows us to fulfill diverse project requests and create tailored solutions. For MOSAIC, this means that we have implemented and automatized new workflows dedicated to its specific requirements. In close dialogue with Owkin, our team found pragmatic solutions to meet any challenges. As MOSAIC’s sequencing provider, we are excited to contribute to the initiative’s success that will set a new milestone in cancer research.”

Joseph Lehár, Scientific PI for Owkin, says: “We are very excited to have global players like CeGaT involved in driving forward MOSAIC. The sheer scale of this effort, both in cohort size and data complexity, makes it imperative to engage top level partners. CeGaT will ensure that data standards and quality are consistent across our diverse group of academic partners, enabling this project’s execution on an ambitious timeline and budget.”

Spatial omics and AI to fuel cancer research

Spatial omics refers to highly resolved molecular technologies that analyze biological molecules within tissues while preserving their spatial context. It allows analyzing tumors at near single-cell resolution, capturing valuable insights into the molecular activity and precise positioning of both tumor and immune cells. Scientists can unravel critical connections between tumors and their surrounding environment by creating a comprehensive molecular interaction map. If the potential of this microenvironment is effectively harnessed and redirected to counteract cancer cells, it holds the promise of driving significant advancements in the field of cancer treatment.

Owkin is investing $50 million in MOSAIC to create the world’s largest spatial omics dataset to overcome the problem that current spatial omics datasets are limited and scattered across different research institutions. MOSAIC brings together leading academic centers and industry partners for this purpose. Using this unprecedented dataset, AI, and collaborative research, the goal of this collaboration is to detect immuno-oncology disease subtypes, identify biomarkers and develop new therapies.

Being the main sequencing provider of the MOSAIC project, at CeGaT, we are delighted to contribute to the project’s success. Together, we will unlock doors in modern cancer research and reshape the future of cancer treatments.