Update: CeGaT Enhances Tumor Diagnostics

August 25, 2022

CeGaT has comprehensively revised its in-house tumor diagnostics and tailored it in close cooperation with submitting physicians to their needs. Benefit from additional gene sets for diagnosing various hereditary cancers and an extended pharmacogenetic analysis.

Panel for Tumor Syndromes: 2 additional diagnostic options

The Panel for Hereditary Tumor Syndromes has been expanded by a gene set and can now also be used to diagnose pediatric solid tumors (CAN22).

For the gene set for breast and ovarian cancer (CAN02), you now have the option of requesting an extended diagnostic (CAN21) if the analysis of the CAN02 panel for breast and ovarian cancer was negative in the core genes. This step-by-step diagnostic includes a broad set of differential diagnostic additional genes that have already been described in the literature as being associated with the occurrence of familial gynecological tumors.

A reliable diagnosis is essential not only for people already suffering from cancer. It also offers people with a family predisposition the opportunity to better assess their own risk of developing cancer. In the case of increased risk, close monitoring and preventive measures can be taken early as part of primary health care.

CancerEssential®: Extension by 3 gene sets

CancerEssential® has been expanded by three gene sets and now also enables the identification of therapy-relevant variants in the following tumors:

  • Prostate carcinomas (PAT12)
  • Gastric carcinomas (PAT13)

In addition, we are now offering an MMR panel (PAT14), which can be requested to investigate possible loss-of-function of mismatch repair genes at the DNA level.

CancerPrecision®: Detection of NTRK2 and NTRK3 fusions

In addition to NTRK1 fusions, CeGaT’s somatic tumor panel now also detects NTRK2 and NTRK3 fusion genes from tumor DNA. NTRK fusion genes represent essential drivers of affected tumors and can be targeted with drugs.

You are welcome to request the even more comprehensive RNA-based fusion gene analysis (STR panel) for your CancerPrecision® analysis.

Expanding somatic tumor diagnostics with pharmacogenetics option

Variants in genes encoding proteins with pharmacologically relevant functions can lead to alterations in drug metabolism or their target structures and thus influence the efficacy and tolerability of drugs.

Complementary to CancerPrecision®, we, therefore, offer a comprehensive pharmacogenetic analysis. This provides you with somatic findings on targeted therapy options and an individual characterization of genes that influence the efficacy and tolerability of various other chemotherapeutic agents, painkillers, and drugs. Using pharmacogenetic analysis, you can avoid individual incompatibilities, minimize side effects, or avoid underdosing of certain agents.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the best diagnostic strategy for your patients. Simply call us at +49 7071 565 44 55 or contact us by e-mail at tumor@cegat.com.