Our New NovaSeq™ X Plus Is Ready for Your Samples

June 01, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Whole Genome Sequencing is now available on the NovaSeq™ X Plus. In addition, you have the opportunity to sequence your custom-generated Illumina-compatible libraries on the NovaSeq™ X Plus. Thus, you can be among the first whose project is executed with this impressive sequencing system.

Since mid-March, CeGaT has been one of the first companies worldwide to own the brand new NovaSeq™ X Plus, which was announced by Illumina just last fall. Thanks to its innovative technology, the NovaSeq™ X Plus enables an unmatched level of throughput with undiminished quality: Up to 16 terabases can be generated per run with two flow cells. This equates to about 150 genomes with a coverage of 30x. Therefore, we can sequence approximately 25,000 human genomes per year solely on the NovaSeq™ X Plus.

Benefit from the potential of this advanced technology as well as from our many years of experience in next-generation sequencing and our accredited laboratory processes. Contact us today to learn more about the NovaSeq™ X Plus and how you can use it for your research.

For more information, please get in touch with us at rps@cegat.com.