New Service: Tumor Therapy Recommendation “CancerAdvice”

October 20, 2023

Molecular tumor analyses have contributed significantly to a better understanding of tumor diseases. However, as they are often very complex and medical progress with drug approvals is developing rapidly, the search for therapies is very time-consuming. CancerAdvice provides detailed information on targeted therapy recommendations for your patients, including in-label use, off-label use, and information on clinical trials. With the new service, we want to support you in the best possible way to suggest therapies for the further treatment of your patients.

The treatment possibilities for tumor diseases depend on many factors, and the treatment itself also achieves different results for each patient. Especially after guideline-based treatment has been exhausted, available and targeted therapies should be discussed.

Our therapy recommendation considers everything that may be therapy-relevant for the patient at the given time. It is crucial that we have detailed clinical reports on the current status of the disease. We need all relevant findings for diagnosis, medication history, and disease progression. The results of our comprehensive NGS-based diagnostics (germline and tumor) and pathological reports (especially immunohistochemical findings) are taken into account. After thoroughly analyzing and discussing the data and an extensive literature search, we will provide you with a detailed CancerAdvice report. In addition to the tumor profile, you will receive detailed information on targeted treatment recommendations.

The list of clinical trials matched to a specific drug or genetic tumor alteration includes up to five countries of your choice. We provide tabulated summaries of the relevant literature evidence from matching clinical trials and case studies for off-label therapies. For clinical trials, this includes, for example, information on the study setting, biomarkers, drugs, and drug dosage, as well as the outcome.

Our detailed therapy recommendation thus provides a solid basis for deciding on further treatment for your patients.

The new service can be requested here: