New Product: Single-Lane Sequencing as Perfect Solution for Smaller Sample Sizes

May 07, 2024

CeGaT’s Research & Pharma Solutions business unit introduces Single-Lane Sequencing, a new service in our Ready to Load Sequencing portfolio. This new product enables the sequencing of custom-made libraries on one or more single lanes of a 25B flow cell – a perfect tool for studies with smaller sample quantities.

Cost-Efficient and Tailored Single-Lane Sequencing on the NovaSeq™ X Plus System

Our Single-Lane Sequencing allows for the sequencing of custom-made libraries on one or more individual lanes of a 25B flow cell on the NovaSeqTM X Plus system. This new service is ideal for customers who want cost-efficient sequencing on our NovaSeqTM X Plus system but have only samples for one or more single lanes and not a complete flow cell.

Advantages of Single-Lane Sequencing:

  • flexibility in project planning: adjustable to diverse sequencing needs
  • cost efficiency: reduces costs by allowing customers to purchase only single lanes instead of a complete flow cell
  • high compatibility: supports libraries prepared with Illumina adapters

Seamlessly Integrated into CeGaT’s Ready to Load Sequencing Portfolio:

Ready to Load Sequencing allows researchers to utilize our cutting-edge sequencing capabilities for their custom-made libraries. Besides the new Single-Lane Sequencing on the NovaSeqTM X Plus, we offer sequencing of custom-made libraries compatible with other Illumina or PacBio systems. Depending on the project’s needs, samples will be sequenced either on Illumina short-read platforms (NovaSeq™ X Plus, NovaSeq™ 6000, MiSeq) or the PacBio Sequel IIe long-read platform. As different platforms, flow cells, and sequencing options are available, researchers can choose the right solution to maximize their resources and research results.

For more detailed information about Single-Lane Sequencing, visit our website or contact our Research & Pharma Solutions team at