Illumina NovaSeq™ X Plus: CeGaT is One of the First Companies to Order Illumina’s Brand New Sequencer

October 4, 2022

CeGaT is expanding its NGS laboratory with the brand new NovaSeq™ X Plus from Illumina. This strategically important step enables CeGaT to serve the growing global demand for sequencing services and molecular genetic analysis and to make Illumina’s latest sequencing platform available to its customers.

On Monday, October 3rd, 2022, Illumina unveiled its latest advancement – the new series of sequencers, NovaSeq™ X Plus. This platform, coupled with state-of-the-art sequencing chemistry, enables a new dimension of samples to be sequenced in parallel. “We are looking forward to the new challenge and will provide our customers with the well-established quality on the NovaSeq™ X Plus. We will make diagnostic standards available to all researchers and physicians on this sequencer as well,” says Dr. Jiri Ködding, Director Operations.

“We are delighted that CeGaT has chosen to invest in its future with the NovaSeq™ X Plus series to meet its increasing demand for sequencing and genetic analyses,” said Paula Dowdy, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Illumina for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. “We are reinventing the industry once again with a technology that increases the speed, scale, and accuracy of sequencing that furthers our understanding of genetic diseases to improve human health.”

In addition to the new NovaSeq™ X Plus, CeGaT will continue to use the existing NovaSeq™ 6000 sequencers. This will significantly increase the total sequencing capacity of the owner-operated company in Tübingen. All analyses will be still performed in-house.

Ongoing investment in state-of-the-art technologies

CeGaT invests in state-of-the-art equipment and is constantly expanding its product portfolio for international customers. Rapid turnaround times and the processing of large sample volumes are made possible in this way. Just in April 2022, CeGaT acquired a sixth NovaSeq™ 6000. With the six existing NovaSeq™ 6000s, CeGaT can generate data volumes of up to 36 terabases in less than two days. This sequencing capacity is now significantly expanded by the NovaSeq™ X Plus.