New Video and Tech Note: Discover the Great Potential of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

March 02, 2022

Single-cell RNA sequencing has revolutionized biological research and generated fascinating new insights into cancer biology, immune cell diversity, and tissue development. We wanted to let our customers be part of this revolution: One year ago, we expanded our product portfolio with the single-cell RNA sequencing technology from 10x Genomics. Learn more about this exciting technology and its applications in the newest product video and Tech Note.

Complex biological systems, like a growing tumor or the immune system, are composed of heterogeneous cell populations and cellular subtypes. With single-cell RNA sequencing, scientists now have a powerful tool to understand this complexity better. At CeGaT, we provide high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing using the state-of-the-art Chromium system from 10x Genomics in combination with the latest NGS technology. The individual transcriptomes of 500 – 10,000 single cells can be analyzed in one sample with this workflow. Watch our brand-new product video to learn more about the basics of this workflow.

Our latest Tech Note demonstrates that our optimized single-cell RNA sequencing workflow is a robust tool to detect rare cell populations down to a relative abundance of 0.5%. Our analysis also shows that the technical variability of the method is low and generates reproducible results. Furthermore, the Tech Note illustrates how single-cell RNA sequencing can be used to monitor changes in the immune cell composition of a cancer vaccination patient over time. Read more about our findings here.

To start your single-cell RNA sequencing project, all we need from you is a frozen single-cell suspension. Optimally, you provide us with 1 million cells with cell viability higher than 90%. After receiving your cells, we will take care of all further steps, including library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.

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