Panel Update: CancerFusionRx® with Extended Fusion Spectrum

May 09, 2023

As part of the regular diagnostic updates, CeGaT has updated the self-designed RNA-based fusion transcript analysis: The latest version of CancerFusionRx® detects additional fusions and has been optimized for therapy decisions.

CancerFusionRx® has breakpoint-spanning probes for a variety of typical fusion genes which allows the detection of distinct therapy-relevant fusions with increased specificity and sensitivity. In addition, the panel also includes a technically optimized enrichment of the entire coding sequence of relevant fusion genes. Thus, the panel detects not only recurrent fusion events, but also rare fusion events with unknown breakpoints and can also find new fusion partners of already established fusion genes. With this update, the panel has been extended to detect additional relevant breakpoints and new fusion genes have been added.

The design currently includes more than 150 genes for the detection of fusions and includes over 120 specific probes to detect fusions at known breakpoints. Many of the newly included fusions are associated with different sarcomas, allowing the identification of important therapeutic targets, particularly in this area. Structural changes of the MGMT gene, the detection of which is important for the therapeutic management of glioblastomas, have also been newly included.

Proven investigation for a complete picture of tumor biology and therapeutic decisions

Gene fusions are often drivers of cancer. Therefore, drugs that specifically target these gene fusions are increasingly used in the treatment of tumor patients. With CancerFusionRx®, CeGaT has developed a unique method that can detect structural changes at the RNA level to help in therapy selection. The panel allows the detection of all known as well as novel gene fusions through targeted enrichment. This method is far superior to DNA-based methods and also transcriptome-level approaches. CancerFusionRx® is thus a valuable tool in genetic tumor diagnostics and supports you in choosing the best possible therapy.

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